Techniques For Less Stress

 Meditation is a valuable tool to quiet the mind and decrease the “mind chatter”.  By quieting the mind there will be a sense of inner peace and relaxation which will then increase the ability to concentrate and focus.

With a peaceful mind one makes fewer mistakes, makes better judgments and decisions, and becomes more patient and tolerant. This of course improves one’s relationships with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Regular practice of meditation enhances the sense of happiness and contentment.  Bringing about more positive feelings will decrease the number of worries, anxieties, fears and a decrease of negative thinking.

Much of the stress and tension we normally experience comes from our mind, and many problems, including ill health, are brought about or aggravated by stress and tension. This stress and tension can be reduced by regular meditation. When the mind is at peace, many problems just disappear, and others are more easily dealt with.

In time, one can see changes in the behavior and attitude and manner of thinking. One learns to react more constructively, patiently and calmly to the various situations of daily life, from dealing with people to dealing with problems, tasks or goals.

The benefits of meditation manifest on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Regular daily practice is recommended to attain the desired results.  Starting at a few minutes each day and gradually increasing up to 15 to 20 minutes or longer.

Use the videos below to start your journey of living with less stress

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My Story of Refusing to Meditate

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3 Contributing Factors of Mind Chatter

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Body Stress

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Benefits of Meditation

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Techniques for Less Stress

Refer to the time stamps below for each techinique

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Techniques for Less Stress - Time Stamps

Focusing on Breath 00:07

Counting with the Breath 02:12

Key Words 03:53

Affirmations 05:04

Listening 05:57

Verbal Sounds 10:11

Guided Meditations 16:03

Use Colors 17:47

Coloring 23:37

Activities 26:50

Candle Gazing 30:44

Meditating with Food 31:39

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Techniques for Less Stress

About Amie Wade

Emotional Resiliency Coach

Amie Wade is a Certified Life Coach; Certified Mindy, Body, Spirit Practitioner; Reiki Master/Teacher; Certified Angel Card Reader; Certified 200-hour yoga teacher; and author. She has a background of over 20 years of office management and administration work. She was an owner/operator and partner of a convenience store/gas station/deli for seven years, until the 2008 economic downturn. 

She has been a guest on the Radio Central Speak Out 2.0 KNTR FM located in Laughlin, Nevada, Off The Cuff Podcast with Sunny Dawn Johnston and guest speaker at Soroptimist International of Kingman.

Hanging onto her childhood stories of abandonment, mental and emotional abuse and then molestation, which contributed to having suicidal thoughts almost daily, kept her in the space of hopelessness and despair. As an adult, she chose to use alcohol to cope with her unhealthy emotions and a way to be able to relax and have fun. With the information she gained from taking the certification courses, reading lots of books, and listening to a multitude of spiritual teachers and influencers, she learned to change her perspective about her life experiences and released her addiction.

While working full-time in the corporate world, Amie dabbled in coaching for 15 years with her Reiki clients and the classes, workshops, and retreats that she facilitated. She decided that her desire and lifelong mission is to help guide others in feeling empowered as they navigate their emotional healing journey with the intention of being confident in living a spiritual-based life with a powerful sense of self-love and, therefore, established her business as Amie Wade – Emotional Resiliency Coach, LLC.

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