Embracing Your Empathic Gifts

Strengthen your skills, build your confidence, and stand in your power as a “sensitive” person with easy and practical self-care tools.

         Being an empath can be a gift or cause struggle!!

Maybe you have experienced:

  • Feeling “drained” when around other people – especially crowds!
  • Being overly emotional – “oh, lawd, she’s/he’s crying again!”
  • Having “unexplained” physical problems – all the tests are normal!
  • Strangers openly talk to you – even share their biggest struggle!
  • People “dump” their problems on you – THANKS A LOT! NOT!
  • You have trouble losing the belly fat – and you’ve tried EVERY DIET!
  • Getting overwhelmed easily – then here comes the anxiety!!
  • No logical reason for having depression – keeping the pj’s on!!

These are all signs of being an “EMPATH”….and there is so much more!

Empaths are highly sensitive to energy and view the world differently than other people.

So, with this class, I want to give you the knowledge and understanding of being an empath and the tools that will help empower you….and embrace this amazing gift!!

Learn more about yourself and how to maintain YOUR own energy….and release the rest!

The information provided in this class is not the be all do all…but it will definitely help you be more in control of your life!

What you will learn:

  • The 5 Types of Empaths – defines 5 different types of empaths.
  • Signs & Characteristics of Empaths – provides an explanation of the qualities and hindrances that empaths may experience daily.
  • The 5 Most Annoying Types of People to An Empath – helps you understand why certain types of people really “get under your skin”.
  • Romantic Relationships – the reason you may attract a narcissistic partner
  • Harmonizing With Being an Empath – It’s time to embrace your gift and step into your power!
  • Open To Receive – you’re a giver and now it’s time to learn how to be a receiver too.
  • Maintenance – techniques to maintain your energy.

Virtual 3-Week Workshop via Zoom

Tuesdays – Sept. 28th, Oct. 5th & 12th

6:30pm-7:30pm Pacific Time

Cost (Pay What You Can): $12, $21, $30

What people are saying ...

“By the end of the 2 days, I was already feeling the weight being lifted off my shoulders and the butterflies in my stomach disappeared. I left with a strong feeling of self-love and acceptance. I also learned that without my past I wouldn’t be so appreciative for my life today. I’m definitely viewing life in a new perspective and it’s amazing!” Sarah P.

“Amie is a rare gem. She is so open, caring, genuine, and offers so much insight. You can’t help but feel comfortable with her. I’ve had the opportunity to take a workshop of hers and have an angel card reading. I loved both and how much I got out of them. I highly recommend her!!” Karly H.

“This was the most enlightening event I have ever attended. Life altering, positive, informative. I will attend this gathering again! Can’t wait!” June C.

“I love Amie’s classes and coaching style. She is honest, kind and patient. I learn more about myself and my gifts every time I attend her class. She creates a safe place to share without judgement or criticism.” Mandy W.

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