Meditation- Making it Easy! 5-Day Challenge

July 6th-July 10th 

Daily online classes starting at 9:00am PDT lasting 30-60 mins each.

“Just be present” they say. Yeah, right! Meditation is not for me! My mind is way to busy and I do not have enough time with working all day, getting my kids to all their activities and then make sure everyone has had dinner, homework done and cleaned up before bedtime. I am just too exhausted! Just give me a glass of wine pleeeease – that will for sure relax me!

How many times have you heard the word “meditation” and had some sort of dialogue as the one above? Me too!!! I resisted meditation upon introduction to it and for about 7 years and these are the reasons … well, really, excuses … why:

  • I am too busy!
  • I cannot shut off my mind and it is too hard to focus!
  • I am too tired!
  • I have a child therefore no quiet time!
  • I have so much going on that I’m too stressed out!
  • It is uncomfortable to me to do that “OM-ing” thing!
  • I do not have a room in my home to create a “sacred space”.
  • It is uncomfortable to sit in that crossed-legged position.
  • After a few drinks I will be relaxed enough!
  • I do not know how to “be present”.

Over the course of those 7 years I listened, read, and learned about what meditation was to different people and how it helped them. I then figured out what worked for me and now share the techniques with others. And my friends, it really is simple to incorporate it into your day!

What I learned to be true for me was that my mind was too busy because most of what I was thinking about had to do with past circumstances, worrying about future events and my “to-do” lists … oh, and my head was also racing with negative self-talk. All of which kept my body on high alert and in a constant fight-or-flight mode causing physical problems. When you learn to turn down the volume on all this head noise you will automatically create a sense of inner peace and relaxation which will then increase the ability to concentrate and focus.

The benefits of meditation manifest on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

The tools and techniques that will be shared during this 5-Day Challenge may give you enough information to:

  • Easily practice meditation throughout your day – even in the bathroom!
  • Reduce or eliminate the mind-chatter.
  • Increase energy levels.
  • Have a more positive mind-set.
  • How to be more aware and attentive of others.
  • Decrease anxiety, worry, irritability – even moodiness.
  • Be more emotionally stable.
  • Be able to relax without the need of any substances.

To name a few … oh, and not all techniques include “Om-ing”.

There are several different meditation techniques. Join this 5-Day Challenge to explore the variety and get a sense of which techniques feel good to you.

This 5-Day Meditation Challenge includes:

  • 30-60 Minute LIVE video everyday via Zoom and streamed to Facebook (replays available in private Facebook group) sharing with you at least one meditation technique.
  • A private Facebook group.
  • Group Support – hanging out with like-minded people who are ready for a change.

“Amie is a rare gem. She is so open, caring, genuine, and offers so much insight. You can’t help but feel comfortable with her. I’ve had the opportunity to take a workshop of hers and have an angel card reading. I loved both and how much I got out of them. I highly recommend her!!” Karly H.


July 24th – 9am to 1pm

Cost: $30

Conducted via Zoom

Have you ever:

  • had a “feeling” about something and then later thought “Dang! I should’ve went with my gut feeling!”?
  • thought about someone and the phone rings – it’s them calling! or you see them at the store?
  • had a “dream” about something and later it actually happened?
  • been in a room alone and smelled your deceased grandma’s perfume or grandpa’s cigar smoke?
  • have you “heard” someone call out your name and you are alone in the room?
  • felt like you are lost or disconnected in some way?

Some of these is your intuition and some are about having a spiritual connection. We all are equipped with “spiritual gifts” a.k.a the “claires” – clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairfragrance, clairgustance. These all have a connection to our intuition.

Attend this class to learn:

  • what a “clair” is and how it works
  • the difference between being an intuitive, psychic and medium
  • how to be grounded
  • be more aware of your own energy
  • connect with the angels and spirit guides
  • raise your vibration
  • connect more from your heart space
  • how to develop your innate intuitive gifts…..and more!

We are receiving 1,000’s of messages every day from spirit however, many of us have very busy lives and miss the messages being delivered. This fun interactive class will help you learn to slow down and be more present so that you can receive the love, guidance and support the Divine is providing you.

If you are aware of your woo-woo “abilities” or you are just getting to know what intuition is all about and want the guidance and support to be more in tune with them – then attend this class for a community of like-minded peeps to help you do just that! From novice to experienced … all are welcome!

“This was the most enlightening event I have ever attended. Life altering, positive, informative. I will attend this gathering again! Can’t wait!” June C.

MEDITATION – MAKIN’ IT EASY! - In person event

August 1st In-Person Class:


915 Airway Ave., Ste D (corner of Airway & Peterson; Suite faces Peterson)


Cost: $25

Bring water and something to take notes.

Space is limited! Reserve your spot early!

“I love Amie’s classes and coaching style. She is honest, kind and patient. I learn more about myself and my gifts every time I attend her class. She creates a safe place to share without judgement or criticism.” Mandy W.


Discover How to Experience Life with a Profound Sense of Empowerment, Self-Love and Confidence to Let Your Light Shine Bright!

AUGUST 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

6-8pm PDT via Zoom online

Cost: $111 – early bird special is $93 ends August 3rd – Use Coupon code- 4WSREB to receive your early bird discount!

This 4-Week Virtual Workshop will give you a jumpstart to renewing your energy for life, emotional resiliency and restoring your natural spiritual state.  

We will cover how to heal the heavy emotional attachments to past experiences that have been keeping you stuck in the “I’m not good enough” story that is wrapped with shame and guilt.

You can use these techniques to experience life with a profound sense of empowerment and belief in yourself, ignite your spiritual flame, and even learn to raise your vibration for manifesting your hearts desires!

And I am even excited to share with you my 4-Step Process to put the power of your healing in YOUR hands!!

In fact, here is just a sample of what we will cover on this incredible 4-Week Virtual Workshop event:

* Life from the point of view of being a spirit in body having a human experience.

* See your life experiences from a different perspective and make a quicker shift into your healing process.

* How your life experiences (good or bad) are a benefit to your spiritual growth and expansion.

* How people and relationships play a huge role in your self-discovery.

* Identify the triggers that make you reactive and defensive in a situation.

* Why you are living in the “people pleasing”, “control freak” or “fixer” mode.

* Have more of an understanding about why you do not feel “good enough”.

… and much, MUCH More!

It is time to tap into your heart, make a deeper connection and commitment to yourself – YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Attend this breakthrough 4-Week Virtual Workshop that will finally show you how to make a deeper connection and commitment to yourself.

“By the end of the 2 days, I was already feeling the weight being lifted off my shoulders and the butterflies in my stomach disappeared. I left with a strong feeling of self-love and acceptance. I also learned that without my past I wouldn’t be so appreciative for my life today. I’m definitely viewing life in a new perspective and it’s amazing!” Sarah P.

join My 5-Day Meditation Challenge!

July 6th-10th