Have you ever entered a room and felt like something was “off” or it felt “heavy”?

This can be caused by various things such as negative associations with the space, energy build-up from unresolved issues, or energies left behind due to previous inhabitants. Energy Space Clearing helps clear away these negative vibes and replace them with positive ones.

It uses a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science to help clear spaces of energetic debris so they can be filled with positive energy again. Clearing techniques may involve smudging with herbs, using sound tools like singing bowls or gongs, lighting candles, visualizing white light filling the room, and more.

After a space has been cleared, it will often feel much lighter and more inviting. A space that was once heavy and stagnant can be transformed into one full of positive energy, allowing for creativity, relaxation, and restoration.

Through energy space clearing we can create a more balanced environment in our homes and workplaces. This helps us to feel more relaxed and at peace within these spaces so we can live healthier, happier lives.

Pricing starts at $150.00 and is customized based on the location and size of the home.

For inquiries and estimates, click the button below to schedule an Energy Space Clearing Connection Call and submit an interest form.

Additional information is provided on the Energy Space Clearing FAQ website page.

“Amie performed a clearing on a home that I was working on getting ready to move into. The property had been vacant and still for quite some time, very minimal energy movement. The air in the home just felt heavy.  Amie came in and did an extremely thorough clearing of both the inside and outside of the house. It was a very educational experience for me and Amie is extremely knowledgeable. She walked us through each of the clearing steps and what she was performing them for. The energy in the house felt completely different when she was done. It was much lighter and easier to breathe. She also cleansed the garage as well as drew a salt line around the perimeter of the house for added protection. I would highly recommend Amie to anyone looking to have this service performed!” Hayley M.

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