"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." Mother Theresa

Client Kindness....

“Amie is an amazing coach who genuinely cares about the outcomes for her clients. I have taken several of her classes and each has helped me along my journey in life. Recently I attended the Empath class where she provided so much insight that I ran out of paper to get everything written down. Amie is a true resource and time spent with her is invaluable.”

Stephanie Angle

“Amie is straight forward and tells you like it is and is compassionate about her teachings. I highly recommend that you take a class or a coaching session. Amie is bubbly and very warming. I love attending the classes that Amie provides.”
Rene Graymountain

“Amie is an awesome person. She listens to all the things you say and hears the things you don’t and really helps you understand things you never knew were an issue. I am very thankful for her.”

Amanda Aguilar

“I have taken several classes with Amie. She is amazing, uplifting, and so much fun! She is no nonsense, and truly helped me learn and grow! I highly recommend her.”

Lea Shepherd

“I made an appointment with Amie a few months ago. I was in a dark lonely place. I had issues of living in the past and over thinking everything and making a big deal out of it in my head. This would make me more depresses. I would say the meanest things to myself about myself. Things I would never say to anyone else. It was awful. After having my meeting with Amie she has changed my life. I did everything she told me to do and with in one week I noticed I was no longer living in the past. Trigger objects that would set me off do not bother me any more. I broke through that barrier. I no longer say negative things to myself. I would highly recommend Amie Wade as a transformation coach. If you are living in the past or if there are things you just can’t get passed, make that appointment to go see Amie…you will love the new you!!”

Lynn Dion

“Had a very insightful conversation with Amie in my coaching session! I would recommend her to anyone seeking personal growth, personal healing and overall well being!”

Sandra Romanski

“Amie is a rare gem. She is so open, caring, genuine, and offers so much insight. You can’t help but feel comfortable with her. I’ve had the opportunity to take a workshop of hers and have an angel card reading. I loved both and how much I got out of them. I highly recommend her!!”

Karly Heiselman

“I experienced a session with Amie today. She was kind, helpful, and very insightful. I feel helped and hopeful and received unconditional feelings of love and friendship during our coaching session. I highly recommend her services and will seek her guidance again without hesitation. Thanks again Amie.”


Vicky Bruno

“I am very happy that I made the decision to attend Amie’s Women’s Workshop. It was a wonderful experience of learning and sisterhood!”

Diane Warriner

“Amie is filled with love and light. She provides me direction and tools to use for a joy filled life. I’m grateful for Amie and suggest to all my friends that they too seek her guidance. She’s an excellent coach!”


Valeri Kaminski

“I love Amie’s classes and coaching style. She is honest, kind and patient. I learn more about myself and my gifts every time I attend her class. She creates a safe place to share without judgement or criticism.”

Mandy Wels

“I just had a session with Amie. She is an amazing, insightful person. I highly recommend her.”

Kimberly Yasser

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