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Amie Wade

My spiritual light started getting clouded before my birth! Soaking up my mom’s energy of lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, her desire to be accepted and loved and to have my biological father abandon us at the beginning of the pregnancy. The fog continued to thicken as I was born into an unhealthy relationship that involved an abusive step-father. That marriage ended and then a second marriage consisted of…..ya, another abusive step-father. All of this lasting until I was around 11 years old. During these years I didn’t feel accepted or loved which meant “I wasn’t good enough”. So, the journey began of “looking for love in all the wrong places” (yes, those are words from a country song).

How May I Help You?

Help from me is delivered through love, compassion, and patience. I will be your support as you see a different perspective about your life and gain a deeper understanding about yourself; recognizing your truths in a way that builds your self-confidence and sets you up for an empowering and exciting new chapter.   Be warned – I may give you a little nudge here and there to get you out of your comfort zone.


An emotional resiliency coach partners with you to optimize well-being through developing and sustaining a positive mind-set; and inspiring you to maximize your spiritual strengths which will empower you in navigating your life journey.

Past Life Regression

Each time we come into a physical body we are experiencing a spiritual growth and expansion. A past life may offer some clarity that will help you understand this Earth bound go around.

Angel Card Reading

When in need of guidance regarding a life situation, the angels are always ready to help! The divine messages from the angels are always delivered through the energy of love!

Work With Me...

  • if your energy is depleted from being the”fixer” – taking care of everyone else and having no energy or time for yourself
  • if you are tired being the “people pleaser” – conforming to what you think others want you to be.
  • if you are exhausted in your efforts of being a”control freak” – trying to get everyone else to change and conform to your way of being.
  • if you struggle in being “with” yourself; don’t like yourself; or you don’t really know who you are.
  • if your negative self-talk is on replay and you need help to change it.
  • if you are drowning in the shame and guilt from the choices you made or the experiences you have had.
  • if you are tired of being held in “bondage” to your past that is keeping you stuck from living the life you desire.
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Client kindness...

“Amie is filled with love and light. She provides me direction and tools to use for a joy filled life. I’m grateful for Amie and suggest to all my friends that they too seek her guidance. She’s an excellent coach!”   Valerie K.

“I love Amie’s classes and coaching style. She is honest, kind and patient. I learn more about myself and my gifts every time I attend her class. She creates a safe place to share without judgement or criticism.” Mandy W.


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