Create emotional resilience to reignite your spiritual light!

Guidance from me is delivered through love, compassion, and patience. I will be your support as you see a different perspective about your life and gain a deeper understanding about yourself; recognizing your truths in a way that builds your self-confidence and sets you up for an empowering and exciting new chapter. Be warned – I may give you a little nudge here and there to get you out of your comfort zone.

Amie Wade

Emotional Resiliency Coach

Let's work together on....

  • Restoring your energy and reclaiming your time by breaking free from the role of constant “fixer”, prioritizing self-care, and finding a healthy balance between caring for yourself and others.
  • Breaking free from the cycle of “people-pleasing” and discover your authentic self, empowering you to live life on your terms and cultivate genuine connections with others.

  • Letting go of the need for control and embrace a more relaxed and accepting mindset, allowing you to experience greater peace, harmony, and flow in your life.

  • Cultivating self-love, and developing a deeper understanding of who you are, fostering a strong sense of self and spiritual alignment.

  • Transforming your negative self-talk into empowering and supportive inner dialogue, empowering you to overcome self-doubt and build confidence.

  • Releasing the weight of shame and guilt from past choices or experiences, healing emotional wounds, and nurturing self-forgiveness, allowing you to move forward with freedom and self-compassion.

  • Break free from the constraints of your past, let go of limiting beliefs, and create a clear path towards the fulfilling life you desire, experiencing personal growth, and embracing new opportunities.

Not sure if coaching is for you? Let's get started with a 30-minute connection call ...

Amie is filled with love and light. She provides me direction and tools to use for a joy filled life. I’m grateful for Amie and suggest to all my friends that they too seek her guidance. She’s an excellent coach
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Valerie K



Coaching is a transformative process of your thoughts, emotions, physical being and spiritual being and is a form of intentional relationship between a client and a coach that fosters personal and spiritual development.

Meditation Coaching

This coaching experience may help in learning different techniques to incorporate in a meditation practice to bring peace and relaxation to the mind and body from the day to day stresses.

Tapping/EFT Coaching

This process may be used for fears, phobias, changing behavioral patterns & unhealthy habits, developing different viewpoints about life experiences, inner-child healing, and more.

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

People usually get an angel card reading because they are seeking a solution to a problem they may be currently facing, which could be involving a topic about romance, finances, career or their health; and others are simply open-minded to whatever messages are revealed.

Energy Space Clearing

Energy Space Clearing clears negative energy from a space and replaces it with positive energy. Techniques such as smudging with herbs, sound tools, candles, and visualization can be used to clear energetic debris. A cleared space feels lighter, more inviting, and allows for creativity, relaxation, and restoration. This creates a more balanced environment for healthier, happier living.

Workshops & Events

Opportunities to gather in a group setting to learn, grow and expand together. Virtual and in-person events offered. Be sure to check out my upcoming events.

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