Yoga Workshop


July 22nd

Meadview Community Center (Meadview, AZ)

247 E. Meadview Blvd.

Cost: $ 25

Time: 10 am – 12 pm

This will be an open forum style workshop providing guidance for:

  • dialing in poses 
  • taking your poses to the next level
  • modifying poses that are suitable for your body
  • using props (strap, blocks, bolster, pillows, towels, etc) to modify poses


To better serve you – make a list of questions between now and the workshop. This will ensure that the help you desire is provided and that everyone gets the attention they need to make their yoga practice more enjoyable.


Things to know:

  • Arrive Early – 9:45am to get settled in
  • Hydrate! Bring plenty of water. 
  • Snacks – Keep it light! Bring nibbles so you don’t overload your belly. 
  • Bring Your Own: yoga mat, yoga strap or pet leash, yoga blocks, bolster or beach towel or pillow
  • Take Notes! Bring notebook & pen

Gentle yoga flow included – as time allows. See you on the mat!


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