"Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul." Wayne Dyer

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Other Services

Past Life Session

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This is a gentle process in a hypnotic state to access memories of prior incarnations.  Visiting a past life may give you insight to:
  • unexplained phobias & fears
  • a connection to someone you’ve met for “the first time”
  • unexplained physical issues
  • an attraction to another era
  • unusual scars or birthmarks on your body
  • relationship issues
Exploring past lives may also provide a greater understanding about the purpose of your current life.
Schedule a 90 minute session to go back in time to possibly get some clarity about the root cause of your current life struggles. During the call you will need to be in a quiet space and have no disruptions.
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Diving messages from the angels are always given from a space of love!

Angels and guides are with us during our life journey and are available to help us – angel cards are one way to receive their guidance. People usually get an angel card reading because they are seeking a solution to a problem they may be currently facing, which could be involving a topic about romance, finances, career or their health; and others are simply open-minded to whatever messages are revealed. Through the use of the cards, the angels give you information that will help you move forward from a situation that may be keeping you stuck.  Keep in mind, that an angel card reading is a guidance tool and is not a substitute for any situation requiring professional help.

Prepare for your 45 minute session by being in a quiet undisturbed space and have your list of questions (if applicable).

Client kindness...

“Amie is a rare gem. She is so open, caring, genuine, and offers so much insight. You can’t help but feel comfortable with her. I’ve had the opportunity to take a workshop of hers and have an angel card reading. I loved both and how much I got out of them. I highly recommend her!!” Karly H.

“Each time I have attended (classes) I get help with all my worry and concerns. She always gives a different way to view an experience. I recommend this to everyone!”  June C.


About Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a transformative process of your thoughts, emotions, physical being and spiritual being and is a form of intentional relationship between a client and a coach that fosters personal and spiritual development. My goal as a coach is to help navigate the journey of shedding the layers of the emotional heaviness that is keeping you stuck in the habits, patterns and limiting beliefs that are perpetuating your unhealthy choices and decisions. I act as a guide walking along side you to steer you toward what genuinely feels good to your heart center and aligns with your spiritual truths.

Who hires a life coach?

A person hires a coach when they get stuck in their way of thinking and can’t see past the blinders that are giving them tunnel vision. They know a change needs to happen but they don’t know what that entails or the direction to go. Maybe you have read many books on the topics of  “self-help”, “personal development” and “spirituality” and it still seems to be a struggle to make the changes you desire.  A coach is not attached to your life story, therefore they have the ability to see things differently and are able to present a new perspective.

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